April 3-5, 1937: Everyone wants C&C to work together again

April 3, 1937 – Courier Post

Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Poor “Fieldsie” is getting nothing but the wildest gag presents for her birthday, April Fool’s Day, from Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. They’ll throw a real party for her Sunday.


April 3, 1937 – The Napa Valley Register

So back to the cinemas to report that Clark Gable and Carole Lombard are to be made the next romantic couple of the screen… they’re pals in private life… Clark is separated from his second wife… Producers who have watched William Powell and Myrna Loy panic ’em at the box offices believe that the Gable-Lombard film team would be popular indeed. 


April 3, 1937 – Dayton Daily News

Clark Gable’s captured cougar is contraband, as far as Clark is concerned. It is locked in a cage in the studio zoo, and MGM has given the star 10 days to find a new owner for it, before he starts “Saratoga.”


April 3, 1937 – Great Falls Tribune

I wandered onto a sound stage in search of Clark Gable the other morning and found myself in a fog scene. Synthetic fog was so thick one could barely see his hands in front of him. After a few stubbed toes and a crack on the funny bone against a wild set, I discovered my quarry off in a far corner having – of all things – a smoke. There is a rule against smoking on stages, but Gable figured nobody could see him in that fog, so what. 

“I saw Carole’s (Lombard) car outside,” I said. “Is she here?” 

“Nope, we swapped cars for the day,” Gable explained. “But you might look around.” He added, “There’s no telling who you might find in this damned fog.”


April 5, 1937 – Democrat and Chronicle

Carole Lombard’s deal with RKO for an appearance opposite Fred Astaire being on the rocks (At least temporarily), MGM wants to land her for “Idiot’s Delight” in which she would work opposite Clark Gable… Under her new Paramount contract, Carole can do one picture outside her own studio – and this may be it… Considering the deep friendship existing there, Carole might even be tempted to shave the asking price – which is about $300,000 for that one outside picture.

Published by Clark Lombard

Transcribing and chronicling newspaper articles, gossip items and pictures printed about the relationship between Clark Gable and Carole Lombard from 1936 to 1942.

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